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HR and recruitment go hand in hand, so it makes sense that the person dealing with your human resource requirements can also offer tailored recruitment solutions.

Recruiting the right person for the job is never easy. Someone may have the necessary skills but simply don't 'fit' with your company's culture. Others may have potential with a little training but should you take the risk? Recruitment and human resources go hand in hand; an experience HR consultant will help you develop your team dynamics and motivate them to perform. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the person helping you with your HR can also make a real difference to the actual formation of your team. Harries Human Resources provides a competitively-priced, outsourced talent acquisition service, which focuses on finding the applicants that possess the right skills, experience and personality to push your company forward.

As a certified member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation Rue Harries can assist in recruiting casual, fixed term and permanent staff. Harries HR will advertise, shortlist and interview potential candidates on your behalf, meaning that you will benefit from only interviewing the top selected candidates, all of whom l will have been through comprehensive pre-employment checks. 

Let us assist you to recruit your next star employee. 

For more information on our recruitment outsourcing function contact us now on 01206 865464.